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The kitchen back splash, aside from being a functional aspect of your kitchen, is the perfect opportunity to add a design element to your kitchen that can enhance the aesthetic of your space at a reasonable cost. In terms of an actual “splash backing” or splash guard, the only area where this has any real functionality is behind the kitchen sink where water exposure is present, but the back splash element is traditionally installed for aesthetic purposes throughout the counter top area, and can go as high as the ceiling and extend to other wall areas in the kitchen.

There are many design opportunities with a plethora of different tile types and layouts that can be installed in this area, everything from classic white subway tile to large porcelain to glass, metal and stone mosaics. The low maintenance aspect of this area provides limitless opportunities in material and style. It’s also one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen and give it a fresh makeover without doing a ton of renovation work. The relatively small space creates the opportunity to showcase a high end product while keeping the dent to your wallet at a minimum.