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Radiant electric heated floor applications working in conjunction with your tile installation is now more accessible and affordable than ever. 

Porcelain and ceramic have amazing insulating properties and retain and radiate heat evenly and efficiently.

Innovative membranes which encapsulate the heating cable and install efficiently are quickly becoming the norm when it comes to heating your tiled floor. Schluter Systems is a leader in this category with its Ditra Heat uncoupling membrane and versatile cable / thermostat options available in 120 or 240V depending on the floor coverage. There are of course many other companies producing similar heating cables, the majority of which are designed to work with the Ditra Heat membrane.

There's nothing better than waking up early on a cold winter morning and stepping onto your heated floor in your bathroom. Programmable thermostat options allow you to have total control over when the floor turns on or off and how hot you want it. Your heated floor application could also potentially extend into your walk in shower floor and bench providing complete warmth and comfort through out your bathroom.

People generally have concerns over the overall cost of installing a heated floor application in conjunction with their tile installation. This is arguably no longer a justifiable concern given the majority of average sized heated floor applications representing a mere 20 to 30% increase in over all cost of bathroom renovation or installation. Most floor applications will already require an uncoupling membrane to be used over your substrate and with the obvious equity that a hated floor can add to your home the question almost becomes why not?  

We are fully trained and specialized in radiant electric floor heating systems used in conjunction with your tile application. Let us help you warm those cold feet up and save you some money on your heating bill.