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The most resilient and long lasting finish for your kitchen or bathroom floor is porcelain tile. When properly installed over a sound substrate, porcelain will last a life time and have the least amount of maintenance and up keep during that time period. Porcelain will not degrade over time like other wood, composite or plastic based products and is impervious to spills and water damage.

Many people worry about a tile installations cracking over time. Whether it's porcelain or stone this should not be a problem as long as the substrate has been appropriately addressed and prepped before hand. A huge part of that preparation is using an uncoupling membrane which has become the industry standard and should be implemented over any substrate to guarantee a lasting installation. Isolating the tile installation from the inevitable movements of the substrate is an important aspect of your tile installation if you want it to remain maintenance free for many years. Aside from the important uncoupling aspect of the membrane, it also provides reliable waterproofing to your substrate and increases load distribution.